Graphic Design Trends in 2021

Happy New Year! We are very excited to kickstart the new year with our 2021 Design Trends Predictions!

This time, we grouped our trends predictions into six categories that we feel will influence the creative industry as well as share tons of tutorials to help you master the trends like a pro!

Table of Contents

Before we jump to our trend predictions, we want to highlight two key themes that will continue to play an essential role within the creative industry in 2021 and beyond.



We predict that designers and illustrators will continue to create artwork around the pandemic theme; So expect to see campaigns and artwork focused on staying safe and being safe!


This theme will continue to be very influential this year! Due to the pandemic, social, political, and environmental issues, we are now more than ever longing to be outdoors, free, and importantly looking to create a safer sustainable, and equal future. So expect to see artwork based around this theme from posters, photography, packaging to web design.

Here is an overview of our 2021 Trend Prediction!

1. Abstract Minimalism

  • Exaggerated proportions and poses of characters
  • Flat, geometric shapes overlaid on top of each other
  • Bright block colors, no gradients, minimal shading/noise
  • Over-saturated color palettes (this is because consumer experience is predominantly on screen, not print)

2. Empty Lines  

  • Combination of block colors and empty lines
  • Organic shapes (curves, spheres, rounded rectangles)
  • Fluid motion in animation and motion design

3. DIY, Arts & Crafts inspired

As the world moves more towards digital media, we are still longing to create art using our hands and traditional media.

 Raw, unpolished artwork

 Embracing imperfections, human error

 Home-made, home-grown

 Mixed-media

4. Tactile 3D, Digital Miniatures

  • Heavily stylized characters with realistic motion
  • Tactile, clay-like aesthetics
  • Turntable animation

5. Framed Environment

  • Creative containers
  • Invisible boundaries
  • Compact storytelling devices

6. Concentric compositions

  • Roundtable animations
  • Spherical distortions
  • Radial symmetry

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